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Hovsgol GEF/WB Project Background


Project Title

Dynamics of Biodiversity Loss and Permafrost Melt in Lake Hovsgol National Park, Mongolia

Implementing Agency

The World Bank (Provides assistance to the Government’s poverty reduction efforts through support for initiatives to promote sustainable land and resource use by emphasizing stakeholder participation)

Executing Agency

The Geoecology Institute of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (Established in 1997, the Institute conducts complex research activities including several projects funded by UNDP, JICA and FAO on forest water and land resource management.)

Project Goal

Conduct research using Lake Hovsgol National Parkas a case study: the targeted resaerch will provide alternative for the long-term protection of such forest steppe areas by better understanding the scale and dynamics of natural and anthropogenic changes.

Project Objectives

To identify the impacts of pasture use and forest cutting on the dynamics of forest, steppe, riparian zones, and streams in tributary valleys of Lake Hovsgol and determine the optimal versions of sustainable resource use patterns.

Project Activities

In order to achieve the project goal/objectives and arrive to the project outputs, following activities have been identified. These would include:

  • baseline characterization and monitoring
  • measurement of climate change impacts
  • conduct impact mitigation assessment
  • organizing of workshops, activities on reporting and dissemination of research findings

Project Outcomes

  • Regional and global benefits of conserving significant biodiversity and slowing release of carbon dioxide in Mongolia and elsewhere in central Asia.
  • Databases and models to predict impacts of various livestock numbers and combinations, and different timber-cutting regimes.
  • Menus of viable alternative patterns of resource use to protect biodiversity and to sustain ecosystem function in soils, riparian zones and streams.

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