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Large Mammals

Amgalan Bayasgalan

Main Goal

The goal of the large mammals research is to develop a management program for rare large mammals by studying the relationship number, species composition, density, loss and survivorship under the influence of domestic animals and humans. Another goal is to determine how humans affect large mammals and vice versa. For this purpose a questionnaire can be used, which will be completed by herders. The purpose of the study is to collect data and obtain new information about rare large mammals in the study area and compare them with results of previous studies in relation to time and distance.

Results and Discussion

Determining the grazing area, number, density in each season and their relationship and seasonal movements will give important information in processing appropriate management directions for these groups of mammals. However, we found very few large mammals in the forested study areas. We may assume that wolves and poachers are reducing the numbers of animals very substantially.

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