Batdemberel, Badamsambuu

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976-11-360560 (home landline)

Research Interest

  • Rare and endangered bird conservation

Professional Experience:

  • 2002- present: Ornithologist, Hovsgol GEF project, Geo-Ecology Institute, Mongolian Academy of Sciences
  • 2001- Research project: ‘Conservation and Management of Rare Crane Species in the Eastern Mongolia” implemented by the Eastern Steppe Biodiversity Project UNDP/GEF



  • 2004. Studying for Master’s Degree (Research Title: Shorebirds on the eastern shore of Lake Hövsgöl) Department of Biology, NUM
  • Baccalaureate:1998-2002. Ecology and Nature Conservation NUM, Department of Biology,

Training Courses

  • Jan 15-March 20, 2005. Two-month English Language Course, JET School of English.

Workshops and Seminars

  • 25, 26 May, 2006. International Conference “Changes Climate, Ecology and Patterns of Pastoral Nomadism in Lake Hövsgöl National Park, Mongolia”
  • 13 - 23 May, 2006. Second Ecosystem Modeling Workshop in Hustai National Park.
  • 25 April – 2 May, 2005. First Ecosystem Modeling Workshop in Geoecology institute of MAS.


  • Batdemberel. B, Tseveenmyadag N., Poster “Impacts of Livestock Grazing on Biodiversity of Birds In Eastern Shore of Lake Hövsgöl”, Mongolia. October 2006.
  • Batdemberel. B, “Research results of birds of Eastern Shore of in Lake Hövsgöl Basin” Buryat State University (BGU), the Institute of Biology of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia (IB ANM), the Buryat Department of Member Ornithological Society and The "Birds of Siberia" a society for ecological initiative was organizing the 3rd International ornithological conference "The modern problems of ornithology Siberia and Central Asia" in Ulan-Ude, Russia 2006.
  • Batdemberel B, “Impacts of Livestock Grazing on Biodiversity of Birds” International Conference “Changes Climate, Ecology and Patterns of Pastoral Nomadism in Lake
  • Hövsgöl National Park, Mongolia”. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. May 2006.
  • Batdemberel B, Birds in Lake Hövsgöl Basin. Brochure for local communities and school children (8 pages). Ulaanbaatar. 2005.
  • Batdemberel B, “Bird species composition in the eastern shore of the Lake Hovsgol” Geoecological issues in Mongolia. № 04 Mongolian Academy of Sciences Institute of Geoecology Ulaanbaatar 2004.
  • Batdemberel B, “Great Cormorant of the Lake Hovsgol”on first volume for Eastern Shore News (Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia). May 2003

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