Tsogtbaatar, Jamsran

Jamsran Tsogtbattar

Institute of Geoecology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences
Baruun Selbe 15
Ulaanbaatar 211238, Mongolia

+976-11- 321862 (telephone)
+976-11- 321862 (fax)
geoeco@magicnet.mn (official)
tsogtbaatarj@magicnet.mn (personal)

Research Interest

  • Forest Ecology and Silviculture practice
  • Forest Resource Assessment
  • Forest Resource Management and Planning
  • Forest Stand Yield and Growth Analysis
  • Long Term Ecological Research (LTER)

Professional Experience


  • 2002-present: Director of Dynamics of Biodiversity Loss and Permafrost Melt in Lake Hovsgol National Park Project
  • 1997-present: Director of Geoecology Institute, Mongolian Academy of Sciences
  • 1996-1997: Director, Department of Natural Disaster Information and Assessment, Ministry for Nature and Environment
  • 1994-1996: Deputy Director, Department of Natural Resources, Ministry for Nature and Environment
  • 1994: Deputy Director, Research Institute of Forestry and Wildlife, Ministry of Nature and Environment
  • 1987-1990: Director, Forest Inventory and Survey Expedition, Ministry for Forestry and Wood Industry
  • 1982-1987: Chief Engineer of Forest Inventory and Survey Expedition, Ministry for Forestry and Wood Industry


  • 2001-present: National consultant - Targeted Research Project “Dynamics of Biodiversity Loss and Permafrost Melt in Hovsgol National Park, Mongolia
  • 2000-present: Forestry expert - Tumen river Strategic Action Programme, RAS/98/G31
  • 2001-2006: GEF/WB Project director
  • 2001: Task manager for TDA zones. - National Forestry Programme Development, UNDP/FAO project
  • 1995-1997: Strengthening of Environmental Capabilities in the Ministry for Nature and Environment, Mongolia
  • 1996-1999:National expert, Support to reorientation of Forestry Policies and Institutions of Countries of Asia in Reform to Market Economy, GCP/RAS/158/JPN
  • 1995-1997: National Coordinator, Asia Least Cost Greenhouse Gas Abatement Strategy, Regional Project, GEF/UNDP/ADB
  • National focal point. - U.S Country Studies Programme: Support to Climate Change Studies, 1994-1996

Other Activities

  • President of Mongolian Forest Forum ,NGO
  • Member of Steering Committee for East Asia LTER - Director of Mongolian LTER , 1999-present
  • SPG member, APN for Global Change Research Programme, 1997 - present
  • Focal Point for Sustainable Forest Management, APFC, FAO, 1997-2000

Countries of Work Experience

Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan, Canada, Australia, USA, Russia, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan



  • Ph.D of Forest Science, 1994, Forestry and Forest Technology Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • BS, Forest engineer 1982, Agricultural University, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Other Training:

  • Erlangen- Nurnberg University, Germany. Visiting Professor Program, Freiburg University, Germany, 2004.
  • Training Course on GHG Mitigation Analysis, 1995, Berkeley, CA, USA DAAD fellowship Program, 2000,
  • Ph.D graduate scholarship, 1990-1994, Forestry and Forest Technology Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Postgraduate Training on Forest Management, 1985, Moscow, Russia.


  • Tsogtbaatar. J., 2004. Deforestation and Reforestation needs in Mongolia. In: Forest Management and Forest Ecology journal, Elsevier. 201(2004) 57-63.
  • Tsogtbaatar.J. 2000. Some peculiarities of yield and growth of Larch stands in Western Mongolia. Paper presented at the International Conference “Mongolia-2000”, 10-13 October, 2000. Berlin, Germany.
  • Tsogtbaatar, J. et al. 1999. Mongolian Long Term Ecological Research Development. Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference on LTER in East Asia-Pacific Region.11-16 Oct.1999. Seoul. Korea.
  • Tsogtbaatar J. 1998. New classification of forest site index and its use in forest inventory. Paper presented at the 40th Anniversary of Mongolian Forest Inventory Service. Ulaanbaatar.Mongolia.
  • Tsogtbaatar.J. 1998. Modeling of growth of larch forest stands. Scientific Conference on Forest Management. Ministry of Nature and Environment. Ulaanbaatar.Mongolia.
  • Tsogtbaatar.J. 1997. Some issues of forest resource conservation and their protection in Mongolia. National Workshop on Forest Policy Development. Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia.
  • Tsogtbaatar.J.et al., 1997. Forests and Forest Management in Mongolia. FAO, RAP. Bangkok.Thailand.
  • Tsogtbaatar.J. 1997. Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory and Mitigation Analysis in Forestry Sector of Mongolia.Report on Asia Least Cost Greenhouse Gas Abatement Strategy (ALGAS) project. Asian Development Bank.
  • Tsogtbaatar.J. 1996. Forest steppe fire – one of natural disaster in Mongolia. Scientific Conference on forest fire prevention. 9-10 Oct.1996. Mongolian National University. Ulaanbaatar.Mongolia.
  • Tsogtbaatar.J. 1995. Structure and growth of the Larch stands in Mongolia. International Conference on Asian ecosystems and their protection. Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia.
  • Tsogtbaatar.J. 1994. Some results of study on growth and yields in Western Mongolia. Paper presented at Conference on 100th Anniversary of Prof.Boris Stepanov. Sofia. Bulgaria.
  • Tsogtbaatar. J and Michov.I., 1994. Some peculiarities of tree distribution by diameter and height of larch stands in Western Mongolia. J., Forest Science. Forestry Research Institute. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Sofia. Bulgaria (in Bulgarian).
  • Tsogtbaatar,J. et al. 1985. Some impacts of commercial logging on regeneration of Siberian larch stand in Central Hangai Mountains. J.Agriculture, Vol.1.Ulaanbaatar.Mongolia.

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