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2008 Water Workshop
Environmental Monitoring and Remediation

The Asia Center at The Academy of Natural Sciences, Saint Joseph University, and the School of the Environment at Nanjing University participated in an aquatic monitoring and remediation workshop that was held in Philadelphia during August 2008. A brief survey of Tai Hu, a large lake southeast of Nanjing was conducted in the Fall.

This workshop was designed train students from Nanjing University on basic and applied principles of ecology and systematic research critical for water quality monitoring through the use of material presented in the classroom, within the Academy’s collection, and hands-on field experience.

Topics included:

  • Environmental management:
    • Adaptive management for remediation programs;
    • Dam remediation or removal;
    • Ecological principles: populations and ecosystems services;
    • Federal laws and the history of environmental remediation in the United States;
    • Global water and sanitation: the UN Millennium Project;
    • Watershed and water resource management.
  • Environmental monitoring:
    • Aquatic insects and monitoring methods—Rapid Bioassessment Protocols;
    • Diatoms as ecological indicators;
    • Field collection for lakes and streams: principles and methods;
    • Fish monitoring practices;
    • Indicator species and ecosystem indicators;
    • Systematics biology and collections as foundations to environmental monitoring;
    • Water quality and chemical water testing—QA/QC.
  • Environmental Science:
    • Algae and lake eutrophication in the United States—case studies;
    • Biogeochemical nutrient cycles in lakes and rivers
    • Organism-flow interactions in freshwater streams;

Workshop sessions were directed by Academy scientists, faculty from local universities (Saint Joseph University, University of Pennsylvania, and West Chester University), and representatives from government (Delaware River Basin Commission and United States Environmental Protection Agency).

A second water workshop—tailored for Chinese graduate students and professionals—is planned for the summer of 2009.

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