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Zhejiang Ocean University

Satellite photo of Zhejaing Ocean University

Zhejiang Ocean University (ZOU) is located in the island city of Zhoushan, the largest of the more than a thousand islands in the Zhoushan Archipelago. These islands lie across Hangzhou Bay from Shanghai.

The waters surrounding ZOU are home to some of China's most important marine and estuarine fisheries. Accordingly, the university has programs in aquaculture, fishery science, marine biology and coastal management.

Drs. Ling Ren and David Velinsky are working with three institutions in China: Zhejiang Institute of Marine Research and Development, Zhejiang Ocean University and Zhejiang Technology of Marine Fishery. They will be involved in identifying human impacts on the coastal environment and its deterioration in Zhoushan Fishery, and furthermore apply their established research and management skills to help and train Chinese scientists on ecological restoration and environmental protections in that region. They will focus on the coastal area around the East China Sea.

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